Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Jewish New York Times

Many Jews today, especially those who see themselves as elite, sophisticated or intellectual, a cut above the rest, read the New York Times. Are they ignorant of the bias this paper has against Jews? They may, in fact, not know this bias dates back to WWII when Jews were being exterminated by the millions, but certainly they ought to have sensed the bias by now, after all its commentary on all those wars Israel had with its enemies, until today. More likely they've fallen victim of their own self-worth by identifying with Sulzberger's paper that, after all, is also "sophisticated and intellectual".

The NYT will always downplay horror perpetrated on Jews. Their avant-garde readers are all too eager to join in with its rationale. As you would expect, Reform Judaism plays a key role. (Notice the "aristocratic" air of the Sulzberger pose. No sign of "Jewishness" here.)

Here's a well enunciated, well presented 12 minute clip of the stance the NYT took during the holocaust years, and why:

P.S. See here for the NYT's latest advocacy of terrorism against Israel!
P.S. (7/21/14) See here how NYT toes the line of Hamas' demands during Protective Edge war.
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P.S. (9/1/14) NYT censors anti-ISIS ad: here.
P.S. (3/9/15) NYT with some faux-pas photography (link).

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