Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Joseph Telushkin's Book on the Rebbe

Joseph Telushkin wrote a book about the Rebbe. Would the Rebbe approve this book by a "Conservative rabbi" (akin to a "Reform rabbi")? Not only does he dilute his own Judaism, he encourages its dilution for all his congregants.

Would the Rebbe want a book about him written by a rabbi whose synagogue features a "lady cantor"? This practice does more than scorn the halachah of Kol Ishah or mixed seating; It encourages the scorn, disgraces the Torah scroll and feigns a holy atmosphere. And of course there's a modesty issue. It's highly likely one must not enter such a place to pray in the first place.

Here's a Facebook ad [with my graffiti] where his synagogue heralds an upcoming Shabbat ("... join us to hear her beautiful voice"):

I come not to review the book because I'd never read it. Would you buy gold from a dealer who dilutes the precious metal?

No doubt this book is full of platitudes, portraying the Rebbe as a "great person", in which case he misses the whole point. He does not understand the Lubavitch chassidic movement's real purpose, with the Rebbe at its epitome, which is to raise the expectations and yearnings of the Jewish people for Moshiach in the latter generations!

There may well be a hidden agenda too, at least a subliminal one, and that is - to distance Jews from current Messianic expectations (so they approach his own view).

I, for one, think the Rebbe himself would never have endorsed this book. He probably would have trashed it.


  1. The photo is not tznius.

  2. Meir, were you the guy spray-painting the billboard on Eastern Parkway a couple of years ago ;-)

    BTW, watch this video about a "Rabbi" in a Reform Temple in NJ (Herbert Weiner) who over the years came close to the Rebbe and the Rebbe is very warm with him.

    They, too, are tinok sh'nishba.

  3. Yakov, תינוק שנשבע refers to people who never knew orthodoxy or who know nothing or genuine Jewish tradition - but this fellow graduated Yeshiva University, a group that hardly qualifies as a "soul who was kidnapped by some counter culture at birth".

  4. I don't agree with your statement. Those who learn Torah without pnimiyus Hatorah can be in a worse golus.

  5. Yakov, I sense you are right again!