Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The 7 Calves of Abraham

Abraham offered Avimelech, king of Egyptians, how to resolve the dispute of their shepherds; Each group said, "The well is ours!"

Someone suggested, "His herd for whom the waters rise shall be its owner! Let that be the deciding factor!" None could deny such a phenomenon, so they agreed.

Then they saw the well's water rising to "greet" the approaching herd of Abraham.

Avimelech was convinced and assigned the well over to Abraham, during a swear-in ceremony to forego harm to descendants. Abraham gave Avimelech a special token to remember their oaths - a gift of 7 calves - for whom the well waters rose; (Beraishis 21:30) A gift that provided living testimony as to who, really, dug this well, the well at Be'er Sheva. It had been wellsprings dug up by Abraham.

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