Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Promoting Delinquency in Sodom

What key feature of society holds its future prognosis? The education received by the children.

Before Yaakov took his family to sojourn in Egypt, before he even stepped one step on foreign soil, he made sure to first dispatch Yehuda his son to set up at the destination Yeshivos (cheders) for the children soon-to-arrive. (Rashi Beraishis 46:28)

This is an example of a community cause in the elite sense. To this community, Torah is the real home they were going to settle into.

An example in its sense to the contrary, when contrary policy governs children's education, brings this case in point: The children's education in Gentile-occupied territory of Israel, where from kindergarten hatred is already well ingrained in the child's vocabulary.

Such was the educational system in Sodom. Sodom taught their children to shun human rights. In fact, children who dared demonstrate their precocious hateful initiative came away rewarded.

Where does Torah tell us this? In the story of Lot's rescue. When his guest Angels struck the mob with blindness, the blindness struck "from the small" [and only thereafter] "to the old" (Beraishis 19:11).

Says Rashi, "Because the kids started the confrontation, they were the first to absorb punishment".

We know the kids started it, from here: Berashis 19:4.
טרם ישכבו ואנשי העיר אנשי סדם נסבו על הבית מנער ועד זקן כל העם  מקצה

Even though Lot and family gladly hosted THEIR guests, in their own private residence, Lot had to plead with the mob to understand the freedom principle, by logic, "They came into the shade of my beam!" (19:8)

Children decided to usurp this man's private rights of a homesteader, trivialize perceived visions of terror, just to start some personal "fun". The children foresaw an orgy of fun. That God watches their good behavior from "above" they never learned.

The Sodom government, who promoted the terror, would probably have feigned annoyance ostensibly, but behind the scenes - heavily pushed the agenda - merely using the children as pawns for dirty work. Children too - after all, are expendable. Sodomites lushed on lust and abominations. Children can be envisioned as used bandaids or for other such useless tasks, at a dime per dozen.

As a final insult, the children are taught to consider themselves expendable. For the sake of "alla", they teach them it's honorable to blow themselves up if it kills innocent people.

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  1. and therin lies the difference between the sacred and profane..well said my friend!!