Monday, September 10, 2012

Where's the Outrage?

How absurd to give away land so the enemy can create a state of its own, and then absorb the enemy-turned-terrorist's rockets on a daily basis with no consequences to this ingrate beneficiary. Instead, towns near Gaza suffer from this terror now for 7 years, with Jewish lives constantly at risk, let alone extreme inconvenience. This policy deems Jewish blood cheaply, and Jewish pride next to nothing.

And how absurd is it to fight wars of defense and then return the hard-won territory so your enemy can try again? Or how absurd is it to take territory in war, encourage its settlement, only to thereafter stigmatize the settlers as usurpers of land that never was meant to be annexed? Are Israelis in high office crazy? Are humans as worthless as roaches?

But why are the people of Sderot and of other communities not taking stern action against such foolhardiness instead of tolerating this charade of normalcy?

Giving an Arab an inch inflates his ego, so he brazenly now asks for a yard. Arabs once held their noses to the ground in Eretz Yisrael. As youngsters with backpacks, we could walk the land anywhere we wanted years ago, from one edge of the land to the other. Arabs were never a concern. Then came more and more concessions. The result: entire cities and towns became Judenrein and off-limits to Jews. Then came all the bloody Arab signs all over Jewish highways and cities. Now Arabs hold their nose higher than their brow. They now want it all. Already they have infested every important circle of Israeli life - Knesset, law, medicine, business, what not? You can no longer find a park for children to play without Arabs staking their claim to part of it. They used to stay in their villages. But now the freedom given them drives them to fan out and conquer more.

(Those quick to read this as racist talk are racists themselves because they will do everything to undermine the Jewishness of the Jewish Land of Israel. ALL Gentiles, except Noahides, must be excluded from citizenship in The Holy Land! Most especially those calling themselves "Palestinians", by which they mean to imply they wish harm for the Jew. Only leftists Jew-haters will push for the "rights" of these "poor" indigenous Arabs, as if they could live anywhere in the Arab world under better conditions. A pox on these leftist liberals who support the creation of Israel's 5th column.)

Used to be a time when in Tel-Aviv you could go out and look for a Jew to complete a "minyan" for prayer. Today you're lucky if the person you hail is Jewish. Used to be you could find a quiet spot somewhere next to the Kinneret. Now wherever you turn, an Arab horde is there to intimidate you.

At least for a long time driving was safe. You were free to travel almost everywhere. Then came the time when driving became dangerous if you could lose your way. One wrong turn could cost you and your fellow travellers, kids included, mortal danger. Nevertheless, at least the roads were still safe to drive if you knew your way.

But today already, those years were rather "good old days". Things have gotten much worse. No matter where you drive, the Arab today can wreak havoc - on any road. They ram, ambush, use snipers, highjack or just jump out and use their fists or guns.

Meanwhile, the Israel government takes this all nonchalantly. Arab license plates are just as valid and command the same respect as Israeli plates. Like pollution that builds up slowly without you sensing the damage, the administration calmly "takes this all in stride" and occasionally takes out a gang to make a hollow impression.

Tel-Aviv residents won't do it, but the people of Sderot should - with their children - go out on strike! Close down the schools! Close down the malls! Sleep in the streets! Get the attention of Israeli folk everywhere. Why succumb and tolerate a stupid submissive self-destructive government policy!? Where's the outrage?

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