Thursday, September 06, 2012

Syria - A Miracle Unfolds

Bad as things may appear for Israel, what with Iran rattling its sword and Egypt looking for ways to throws jabs, the truth may well be quite extraordinarily great. What's happening in Syria can be eye-opening. First take a look at what a threat Syria can be, as I quote a paragraph from The Cutting Edge:
Syria’s vast arsenal of operational-level chemical and biological weapons, based on lethal and incapacitating agents, is diverse by any standard. Syria also possesses many sophisticated launch platforms and dispersion equipment, including missiles, rockets, aircraft, artillery shells, cluster warheads, and unitary ammunition – most of which are of high quality. Syria has Scud missiles capable of carrying chemical warheads that can strike anywhere in Israel, even when launched from deep behind Syria’s front lines.
And of course you know Hizbullah in Lebanon is armed to the teeth and represents Iran's remote proxy. Then you have the might of the Turkish forces, and of course the Iranian monster's terror potential.

Now recall a miracle that happened in Egypt just before the Jews made their exodus through the split Reed Sea, a miracle sandwiched between the 9th and 10th plagues. God commanded the Jews to sacrifice a lamb in a most conspicuous way in order to pique the curiosity of Egyptians, who then were told about the upcoming "Plague of the Firstborns". This alarmed the firstborns to rebel against their parents and siblings who still resisted letting the Jews out of bondage. Egyptians then began killing each other in great numbers during those few days. This is one reason the Sabbath before Passover is called the The Great Sabbath - to commemorate that miracle.

Notice that the same thing is happening in Syria. Both sides of the conflict are engaged in savage internecine warfare. They are killing each other as Egyptians killed each other millennia before, prior to a Jewish redemption. ( כימי צאתך מארץ מצרים אראנו נפלאות [Michah 7:15] - "As in the days when you left Egypt, such wonders I will show you in the future!") The might of Syria's army has thereby greatly diminished. Syria is, on its own, removing itself as a threat it once posed against Israel.

This is only the beginning. Arab tempers in Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, and elsewhere are brewing, with Syria's fight as their linchpin. In the end they may all fight each other while the Jewish people remain on the sidelines as observers to the enemies divesting themselves of their own powers and threat to the Jewish nation.

You can see the cup of Syrian affairs as half empty, or - as one that's half full. You can seek and find reasons to remain pessimistic. I prefer to see the positive in all this and remain very optimistic. We are in the Era of Redemption. All we need do now, says the Rebbe, is "Open your eyes and see it happening about you!" Moshiach - bring it on - now!

By the way, recall what the Rebbe said (see here), that Jerusalem and Damascus pivot on the same fulcrum; Only one can rise while the other must fall!

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