Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hashem's Strange Messenger

For decades we hear the same monotonous chorus coming from "enlightened" Israelis when asked why they so ingratiate themselves for American support, and therefore sacrifice so much land, resources and risk to life for the sake of "peace" and "peace talks". Most religious thinkers, except those supporting the Shas party, believe Israel can do without America's backing because, when push comes to shove, Israel can extricate herself from whatever dilemma she faces using her own resources - with the help of Hashem.

As usual, nursing on American milk continued unabated. Finally, to break this reliance on America, which is akin to idol worship because it precludes faith in Hashem's providence, Hashem's patience broke. "If you want to continue suckling, and you won't change your mind," says God - "then I'll change it for you!" and He installed Hussein Barak Obama to run America, thereby grinding to a halt Israel's servile, idolatrous attitude.

Everything in the world happens for a reason, and important political events happen for the sake of Israel. The Gentile leader or spokesperson has very little free choice in what he decides. Through him God finds a way of "talking" to Jews; We only have to "open our eyes" to see with our mind's eye that which we are being "told".

Every war we won was our queue to lay claim to our Holy Land based on the Torah. But we have yet to take that firm stand, and say it just that way.

Take the recent event of a PA activist who spoke up to say the Bible is irrelevant when it comes to deciding the borders of Israel (link). This again is our queue! It is Hashem's way to tell us to go out and argue the opposite. He wants us to say, "Yes it is relevant, we hold by it, and stand by it - and it constitutes our claim to the land." How can we be sure we must say this? Simply by reading about it in the first Rashi on the first verse in the Torah, nay, on the very first word in Torah! There Rashi clearly spells out what we must tell the Gentiles. And if we tell them just that, namely, "that Israel is a land given to us by God" (to paraphrase briefly), then the nations of the world will accept it! Most nations believe in the Bible, giving it significant sanction, so that using this argument, namely, that "it says so in the Bible", will finally take the political load off Israel's back.

Israel never yet has come out staking claim to the rights of the land based on Torah, when this is exactly what they should be premising their claims on; And nothing else! It implies that God rules the world and manipulates the victories of the Jewish people. We Jews, in turn, have only to share our faith and show our gratitude.


  1. Yasher koach. This is exactly the issue. I wish the leaders of Israel would have emuna and see that Hashem is in control and He allows us to "control" the world for us to see where we are in all of this.
    They do not realize that Hashem and one man make an army and that they have the Commander in Chief on their side.....they don't have to worry about world opinion.....

  2. amen but they deserve the Land for political reasons as well my friend..Haters will never accept either claim~!..God bless ~!

  3. Angel, the point is NOT to claim it "politically", but to base it on Torah. That's how God WANTS us to lay claim to it. God does NOT WANT you to stake your claim in ANY other way - but the Torah way. By making our claim any other way excludes God from the picture. Would you want that? Is that not what Israel has been doing until now?

    Were we to invoke God and Torah into our claim, you'll see, unexpectedly, everyone will aquiesce to and support our claim, even the Arabs.

  4. amen again but the leftwing in Israel is as bad as here and they will never admit that it is Hashem's will..........God bless ya~!