Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Psychology of Homosexuality

We must show mercy on homosexuals. Usually, they started their perversion quite innocently. It could have been in a boys' school where boys romp free in shower stalls. It could have been a roomate's sideswipe. It could have been virtually any inadvertent behavior that built on itself. The most common way, however, is being duped into the indulgence by an older pervert.

The inveterate, established perverts, often "liberal" in persuasion, will defend their habit by asserting their purity - claiming "it's innate".

This would be a good argument, were it true. But the truth is quite different. It is a learned behavior. And, to repeat, it's often "taught" by older people preying on young, innocent victims. A recent example is the case of a New York "gay parade" for these people. This was a march of adults. But who did they stand in as the "leader" of the parade? A 10-year old boy (see picture). The poor kid probably believed by being "the grand marshal" he achieved something big. The adult organizers wanted other children to see and learn. What could be more loathesome than to see people dragging civilization down with public displays of perversion?

Perverts, naturally insecure with their lust, need to enlist many more into their ranks, as if the increase in their numbers could paint over their perversion as normality.

They refer to themselves by the euphemism "Gay". Really they're sad and pathetic, because what they do is unnatural, so what better artificial prop to keep them gay than by adopting this label to depict themselves. Their twisted mentality easily can extend itself into pornography, pedophilia, sadism or bestiality.

Their argument of innateness is ridiculous. G-d created every species with the ability to procreate. Homosexuality therefore defies nature. Were such behavior innate, the species would cease to exist. If that weren't enough, this disgusting act takes the orifice of excrement as a replacement for the corridor of birth. That's like making a sanctuary of prayer in a sewage dump because you happen to like the smell.

Two or 3 times Torah refers to homosexuality - in the harshest of tones. "If a man has intercourse with another man in the same way as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination ...." (Vayikra 20, 13). "Do not lie with a male as you would with a woman, since this is an abomination. Do not perform any sexual act with an animal since it will defile you ...." (Vayikra 18, 22-23). The latter contiguity indicates homosexuality and bestiality share the same degeneracy. Will they also claim bestiality is "innate"?

The most powerful argument against its innateness is this: G-d, the ultimate in goodness, would never create us and then ask us to go against our very nature! If the Torah proscibes such behavior, it is telling that person, if he already sunk into this utterly detestable habit, he can and should lift himself out of it. And if he does, his sin is expunged.

UPDATE: July 29/10; A picture taken of a protest against the "gay pride" march in - Jerusalem (The "gays" have no shame. They cannot be satisfied by quietly indulging in their filth. They need to antagonize those that know better.)
One poster reads, "I am a proud beast".

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