Sunday, July 04, 2010

Life in a Pressure Cooker

We read 2 weeks ago in the Torah portion a prophetic reference to the Jewish nation, (Numbers 23, 9): "… And that nation shall dwell by itself …".

No matter how hard Israel tries to appease nations, just so they could leave her alone, just so they remove constant focus from her - it just doesn't help.

Take the Iranian squirt, who boasts he'll wipe Israel off the map. As if there was so much to wipe off in the first place. Then the Muslim-in-Chief at the White House becomes disturbed because Israel allows Jews to build homes in their capital city. As if it's anybody's business how a foreign government handles its construction permits. But the weak-kneed Israeli leftist government capitulates and applies a construction freeze in Jerusalem. They figured they could spare further criticism thereby. So along comes a little flotilla and again the entire world tunes in to watch the fireworks. Here again Netanyahu's knees buckle and he orders a "commission of investigation", as if the IDF may in fact have been guilty of something. Maybe he figured people will now turn the channel. But only for a few days at best, because then the long-standing friendship with Turkey begins to quickly unravel. Then Europe joins the fracas when England begins a new round of censures.

One punch after another, from one continent and then another. A constant pressure cooker. As if that miniscule country, a drop in the bucket, could made so much a difference. Can you doubt the Torah's divine prophecy of this nation - that it's bound to remain solitary?

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