Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Israel's False Posture as a Democracy

I remember well an event that took place in Israel around Tisha B'Av, 2005. It was a day or two before the Israeli government rudely expelled 8,000 Jews from their homes and land, demolished the houses, synagogues and businesses, and handed over the whole area to Israel's avowed enemies, under the guise of another "peace plan" (read: a "piece by piece" giveaway plan). Until today these victims of their own government's ruthless eviction suffer from indifference by the perpetrators.

My wife and I prepared to go to Sderot to participate in a mass protest, to try and deter the expulsion. We travelled from Tel-Aviv and arrived at Bat-Yam, wherefrom buses were to bus us to our Southern destination.

But no buses were to be seen when we arrived in the mid-August heat. Local folk explained police had come and threatened the bus drivers with license confiscation were they to remain at the pick-up site.

It was bad enough to be on the side of Gush Katif residents and feel their pain. But to be prevented from even demonstrating against the plot magnified our plight.

Lest anybody be fooled, Israel's status as a "democracy" is but an illusion. As long as the entrenched leftist powers conspire to destroy the state, by police force, by aiding the enemy, by farcical legislation, by media control, by imposing liberal scholastics, or by religious persecution, the rightist majority continues to suffer the indecencies.

The last election is telling. Although the majority of popular votes supported a rightist platform, leftist elements, by political strong-arming, continue along their hidden agenda - today under the leadership of a conniving Netanyahu. E.g., the so-called "temporary" freeze in construction is meant to assuage the critics and dupe them into dropping their protestations, to buy more time for the leftist's evil agenda.

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