Thursday, September 17, 2009

A "cure" that's worse than the problem!

Here's a sound essay on the Swine Flu and the government's penchant for supporting the pharmaceutical industry - no matter how destructive the ramifications are. Is the vaccination for the sake of the people, or is it for the sake of the pharmaceutical industry - at the expense of the people?

It's why Obuma wants so badly to have government-run health care. Besides being a first step to socialism, it's a sure way to enforce vaccination of the populace.
By Frank Shallenberger, MD

I guess I’ve been around too long. I remember the swine flu “epidemic” of 1976. I had been practicing medicine for three years then. According to some of the infectious disease experts of the time, the swine virus was so dangerous that they were able to convince the United States Congress to pay for every citizen to be inoculated with a vaccine to prevent the “deadly” disease. About 25% of all Americans bought the idea. The results?

Twenty five people died of the vaccine, and one died of the virus. The winner? Big Pharma? How would you like it if the US government paid for every person in the country to have one of your products? But more about the love affair between the government and Big Pharma a little later. For now, just how dangerous is this year’s version of the swine flu, also known as the H1N1 virus?
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