Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Last Steps Preceding Moshiach's Revelation - 5781

It would be a big mistake to think a great or greater America is the final episode of this world's transformation now taking place. We realize, of course, such a step, great as it is, does not qualify as the Jewish utopia, namely, the "Era of Ultimate Redemption", G-d forbid. 

But we cannot deny the obvious; On the way to transforming the world into ultimate goodness, a world in which G-d Himself feels "at home", one in which a Jewish King descended from David and Solomon shall make his presence, this step, being that it is along the way, must of course be a good one. 

In fact, even during the previous administration's tenure, those who were attuned to Moshiach felt, despite what portended as ominous developments from a Jewish perspective, that this period served as a "descent" for the purpose of a subsequent "ascent".

Just as the Jews were made to suffer the treachery of Egyptian exile and slavery for 4 generations, as a means to become "refined" in preparation for the ascent thereafter of receiving the Torah and becoming God's Jewish nation, a similar "descent for the purpose of a loftier ascent", to a level even higher in elevation than a prior definition of "good" could imagine, was taking place.

A miraculous turnaround happened in 2016. Suddenly, when the world was expecting H. Clinton to win, which would've taken rampant radical Islam to its next level of terror, a Purim-like miracle happened, and in a matter of 12 hours a Jewish maidele was sitting in the White House instead. 

The backbone of evil had to be exposed in full relief, before being trashed and replaced with a framework of goodness. 

We will all rejoice after the Trump election, a week away, and it will be a stunning landslide! But then we'll still remain one step or two from our final destination. As of now, as the gemorrah says:

אכתי עבדי אחשוורוש אנן 
“We are still servants of Achashverosh” (Megillah 14a) 

i.e., we haven't yet reached the apex of that most glorious period. Jews will still remain under foreign sway. In Israel too Moshiach's paradise has yet to transpire for the collective. 

The Era of Redemption continues to blossom at a quick pace. 5781 is already beyond midday of the Friday millennium, with only 219 years left before Saturday's millennium arrives. 

So how close are we to that blessed period beyond? Tzephania the prophet describes that period. Notice how his description reflects our present period. The Jewish demographic is no longer looked down on, generally speaking. Jewish People are again being recognized as meriting praise, finding grace in the eyes of America and among the other nations.

Here's Tzefaniah's last verse (3:20), as he describes God's promise of that era:
"'At that time, I will bring you to the land, ingathering you to there, and give you a reputation of praise among all peoples of the earth as I restore you from exile before your eyes', said God."

בעת ההיא אביא אתכם ובעת קבצי אתכם כי אתן אתכם לשם ולתהלה  בכל עמי הארץ בשובי את שבותיכם לעיניכם אמר ה׳

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