Monday, October 19, 2015

In Support of Yad L'Achim

Modern Jew-Hatred in Spiritual or Physical Mode

Jew-hatred can manifest physically or spiritually. Jew-haters want to either physically harm and/or to cause Jews spiritual grief.

Take, for example, the Arab young man who seeks to marry a Jewish woman, and, as another example, a Christian (“Jews for J”) missionary who seeks to trap Jewish souls to get them to submit to Christian dogma. This parallel of Arabs marrying Jewesses and Christian missionaries fishing for Jewish souls demonstrates a striking resemblance.

A mall in the Jewish non-Jewish state
The Arab man who seeks to marry a Jewish woman loiters where Jewish girls intermingle freely in crowds of various persuasions, as in a university setting or in a mall. He keeps a lookout, and when he spots a good candidate who's hungry for companionship (usually because of a loveless home or because of some crisis situation), he sweet-talks her, makes believe he's Jewish, dates her for weeks and months ostensibly to demonstrate his “goodness”, only to later divulge his real identity, when the girl is already in love. By the time she discovers his true identity she's prone to brush aside such racial “trivialities” and accepts him wholeheartedly. He'll even tell her slyly he did not want to lie at first because he would be rejected for his religion, and therefore “had to” conceal his identity.

Why does the Arab young man do this? He does it out of his intense hatred for the Jew. He seeks to marry her because he hates her. All along he'll keep secret his final intent - to take her into a Muslim enclave where from she cannot escape, where then she can be made to feel worthless, while he can brag to his friends of his dominance over the Jewish soul. He'll marry other women – Muslim, who will regard the 1st wife as a slave. This is his manhood; This is his spirituality.

This demonstrates the extent of his hate. He stalks to marry a woman he wants to hate.

It's much like an Arab mother who sends her child to commit a suicide bombing on the presumption that innocent Jewish victims can be killed as well. The difference is that Arab mother wishes on her enemies physical death, whereas the Arab lover seeks to perpetrate a spiritual, sacrilegious rape.

ימח שמם וזכרם
The Christian missionary who pushes the J figure upon naive Jewish souls also bears, like his Muslim counterpart, this spiritual hateful emotion. The amount of money plowed into missionary work is staggering. In Israel alone they have some 100 “communities”. They are cautious in their use of semantics and therefore call their churches “communities”. They connive even with the color of their blue and white t-shirts. Here too a (Christian) person sets out to deceive the Jew. He'll offer his “friendship” (like the Arab who professes his love to a Jewess), plenty of money, gifts and lodging if necessary, whatever it takes to get this Jew to participate with them. They would rather beguile and “convert” to Christianity one Jew, especially of Hareidi background but not necessarily, than convert the entire continent of Africa! We know this from the stories the "returnees" tell (e.g., link).

The Arab marries the Jewess out of hatred for her. The Christian missionary makes his lifelong preoccupation to subdue Judaism because he envies and begrudges the Jew's connection to God. He wants to provoke God with physical revenge against God's favorite people. Both jealousies are as intense as of those who seek to physically annihilate the Jews, only here the motive is to tear Jews away from God spiritually.

It goes to show, even to one unaware of his Judaism or to him who lacks pride in being Jewish, just how worthy Judaism really is – so much so that so many non-Jewish people actually preoccupy their whole lives stewing in this enmity.

We should be generous to organizations like Yad L'Achim who actively seek (and succeed - e.g., rescue story) to liberate such Jewesses and their children, and spiritually lost souls, from torment. Significantly, not stopping there, they also succeed in educating these repatriated souls with true Yiddishkeit.

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