Monday, August 04, 2014

Fighting the Wars of Hashem

The Rebbe told us
(ש"פ חיי שרה תשנ"ב),
“The one job left to do is to disseminate to the world that King Moshiach already is operating in the world theater!” Already operating - in 1991!

One of Moshiach's jobs is to fight the wars of Hashem. But see how interesting - he's doing just that - single-handedly! Why on his own? Because he wants to show that, while other nations rely - “these on their chariots and those on their steeds” - we need only rely on Hashem.

Jews need not worry any more! They have the anonymous warrior waging chessmate against the enemies.

Everyone knows the proverb that "Moshiach's arrival shall come in breach of expectation". Nobody can predict Moshiach’s modus operandi for revelation because, we know, it will come unexpectedly (בהיסח הדעת).

The “unexpected”, however, cannot remain forever concealed. In the course of present time the unexpected must happen. Elazar Kenig, the Chabad rabbi in Nazareth Elite, concurs with the Rebbe's assertion, that "King Moshiach already is operating in the world theater!

He says: “It would be foolhardy to believe Israel can overcome her security problems as other nations rely, 'these on their chariots and those on their steeds' ‪‬(אלא ברכב ואלא בסוסים).  After all, the enemies of the Holy People, were each soldier merely spit into Israel, could drown Israel, so massive are their numbers."

He reminds us, “During the Persian Gulf War, the Rebbe invoked the Midrash, ‘It is the year in which King Moshiach reveals himself’, and he said, invoking the same Yalkut Shimoni, ‘Jews, have no fear! All that I do - is for your sake.’ Note the words ‘I do’ - that Moshiach is he who actively operates solely here! He started that war! He provoked Saddam Hussein into action. Then he prevented Israel’s participation in the war! Israel was prevented from presuming a consequence of ‘my power and my arm’s might’."

This is Moshiach’s own battle.

By the way, during the Persian Gulf War, amid the turmoil, with Kuwait invaded and overrun, the many enemies of Israel could well have swallowed up little Israel, G-d forbid, had they joined the fight. But the Rebbe handles the plot well.

Rabbi Kenig adds, “King Moshiach defeated the Communist Soviet Union", and this we'll not pursue here, for so many stories abound of the Rebbe's prophecies regarding Soviet Russia. But what more evidence do you need of this when we see Putin so often talking with a Chabad Rabbi and taking his advice as well? Russia is today very Jewish-friendly. Another important pawn as the Rebbe morphs the Diaspora into the Geulah!


  1. The Rebbe is Moshiach and he is operating from the realm of the death??? The myth you are creating looks like the one of the Christians, who also fabricated a false messiah and then transformed him into a false god. Do you intend to make money with it, like they do? Your heresy is so ridiculous, it is really pathetic!!!

  2. Franco; We are the generation of Moshe Rabbeinu, and I understand your frustration, inasmuch as you have only Nature to guide you whereas I have the word of the Tzaddik, Nasi Hador, whom I was privileged to encounter and read much of what the Rebbe said, which you, feeling as a Jew estranged, are angered for something that really you ought to learn about before you trash it so quickly.

    We are at a test point in our Redemption history, as we've been ushered into it already, if you'll just open your eyes. We are still preoccupied with:
    וירא העם כי בשש משה לרדת מן ההר
    ... where the Yetzer Hara showed the Jews a Moses lying still in bed, in the heaven above.

    It is here and now when we must place full faith in what the Nasi Hador has said. Please do read more of my blog posts and comment, because perhaps you can swing around, as one swings around and up the winding stairs.

    Trust me, what the Rebbe espoused is authentic Judaism and if any one is copycatting, it's the christians my friend. It's the contrast between a real Moshaich and some fairy tale Christians made up. Being a proud Jew is beautiful to see - but it also has to be buttressed by scholarly if not intensive study of what the Rebbe, nay Rebbeim, have written and spoke about extensively.

  3. in the vanguard; Opposing your suppositions, I have the eyes wide open and I support my believes in study. I study religion for many years now and that´s exactly why I know that your Rebbe is not the true Messiah. Moshiach as you should know, must fulfil his destiny while alive, not die and after when somebody else is doing the job, his followers claim that it is his ghost that is doing it from the realm of the death. Please!!! The invisible warrior you say is chessmating the enemies of the Jews (and of God, of course)is indeed the Spirit of Moshiach, but he is not the Rebbe. He is very much alive and he will remain anonymous until evil is defeated, after what he will reveal himself as you will soon see. So, don´t steal his merits and put it on your Rebbe to make him look great. If he is so great you don´t need to do that! So as you can see I don´t rely only in Nature but in the knowledge of God. I also don´t feel estranged, or angered, or frustrated as you say, but you should feel it because as the process of Redemption unfolds you must open your eyes and accept the fact that you have been deceiving yourself with a big lie. And maybe that´s why you feel so annoyed when you get contradicted!

  4. According to the Rambam Moshiach is a known sage who fights the wars of God. For this and many other reasons the Rebbe is Moshiach, may he be revealed today.

  5. Franco, if you're Jewish, and not some Messianic fraudster, then you're not proud enough of a Jew. A Jew is a believer, and the son of believers, and if someone proclaims or hints at being Moshiach, it is incumbent upon the Jew, who must yearn for Redemption, to yearn for it. Moshiach, we know for sure, is neither me nor you, so why pain over the fact that it is the Rebbe, and that a legal stipulation signed by hundreds of rabbis, not Francos, that the Rebbe QUALIFIES as Moshiach!