Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Misguided View of Moshiach

Like the fanciful story of a pot of gold, the belief among a few Jews that "The Messiah" references some worldly idealistic epoch about to appear without an individual Jewish hero - is apocryphal! Even some believers who pray in shuls have this mistaken notion.

No illusion can be further from the truth. That era cannot exclude the necessary appearance of a single Jew - the redeemer.

The Torah, the Prophets and our sages often provide testimonials of the individual known as King Moshiach, a person just as was Moses.

One of the 13 Principles of the Rambam reads, "I believe ... in the coming of Moshiach, and even if he TARRIES, I'll still wait for HIM." The words "tarry" and "him" refer to a live human being, not a dead idea.

Moshiach will be a Jewish redeemer, a great leader, who stems from the Tribe of Yehuda - more particularly, from the seed of King David. According to Gemora, thought of his creation preceded creation of the world. He epitomizes the purpose the world was created for in the first place.


  1. Had no idea that there are Jews who believe that Moshiach will not be a person leading. These must be Jews (liberals, secular) who cannot fathom anything other than what they experience in this world of sheker.

    Praying for his arrival ASAP; we need him NOW.

  2. Yes, but seemengly not only.