Thursday, May 15, 2014

Maximizing Lymph Flow

A secret to good health is good circulation of the lymph, for wherever lymph drainage from intercellular tissue is thwarted, cells suffer oxygen deficiency and waste backup. Prolonged stasis of this kind leads to inflammation or damage of tissue and its myriad of symptoms, depending on where the tissue is choking.

Of course muscle movements, as during exercise, inch the lymph along. But a more dynamic movement occurs in the chest during deep breathing. Exercise increases blood flow to the lungs. Increased pulmonary blood flow causes an increased exudate in the pleura of the lungs. And the greater the pleural exudate, the greater the resulting lymph flow. A large flow of lymph in the chest helps drainage from the lower portion of the body as well.

To maximize blood flow to the lungs, you can lie down during exercise and breathe deeply. Normally the apex of lungs get very little blood flow. By lying down and breathing deeply, the apices too get a strong influx of blood, and contribute to a greater lymph flow.

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