Sunday, April 27, 2014

It's the Terrain - Stupid!

Any doctor knows full well, whatever the malady, the most likely cause must first be ruled out. Only if the cause is NOT that which is most common, THEN, and only then, should he look for another cause.

We KNOW the NUMBER ONE CAUSE of disease. The Code of Jewish Law spells it out for us in simple language. You can find it in
Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, chapter 32, law 3, latter half.

Unless this cause of most diseases is not ruled out, the diagnoses rendered are wrong - often dead wrong! That's because if the system fails for that most frequent reason, the system can break down in any of a multitude of ways.

Conventional medicine sees each of these multitude of ways as DIFFERENT DISEASES - when in fact they merely are looking at the symptoms - without ANY regard for the primary cause.

So if you know someone who suffers a chronic, degenerative disease, the likelihood he can be cured, by considering the primary cause, is high. That's because God gave us a body that can recover from chronic, degenerative disease - despite what conventional medicine thinks or says - if the primary cause is not ignored!

A doctor, long ago, studying medicine in Germany, before WWII, by the name of Max Gerson, suffered from migraines. Because doctors failed to cure him, he decided to go on an extremely stringent diet, at first eating nothing but apples, apple juice and apple sauce. He noticed his headaches never returned. That's when he added, slowly, more and more items to his diet, until he was sure the diet he ended up with suited him fine, and his migraines never returned. Later he went on, similarly, to CURE tuberculosis of the skin (read this story and you will be amazed), and, thereafter, he cured cancer (read this story too, if you haven't yet). By the way, the doctor who DISCOVERED tuberculosis won a Nobel Prize for it, whereas the guy who could cure it - did not!

What do migraines have to do with diet? The same thing it has to do with cancer, and most other chronic, degenerative diseases, namely, WE DON'T KNOW - it's just that that's the way it is! The SYMPTOMS of disease are many, because the system can break down in any of a multitude of ways. There's little point in calling each of these breakdown syndromes by names - or "diagnoses"; Unless of course you want to make money, paint the picture "complicated", and charge for "treatment" of that "specific disease" (which it ain't!).

Trust Torah. Trust the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, which gets all his information (for chapter 32) from the Rambam.

(I chew on this topic more elaborately here:
The Zebra and the Horse)

It's not so much that BACTERIA, VIRUSES or FUNGI cause disease! It's the TERRAIN they fall upon that's the problem!! The person who eats healthy, child or adult, will usually remain healthy. (So much so that the Rambam guarantees this fine state of health - until the day the person dies in his old age!)

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