Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Symptom of Cancer

Most people when they hear news of the dreaded SYMPTOM called "cancer" run straight away into the waiting hands of the conventional ("allopathic") doctor, whose only means of "treatment" - not cure - is to attack the symptom, because he was taught, since medical school, that this symptom IS the disease. It never occurs to this blind-sighted doctor that this symptom is NOT the disease, which is why he leaves the cause of the disease undisturbed. This is why the symptom almost always returns and finally kills the patient. No matter what "greatest doctor" they turn to, or what "great oncological facility" they go to, the results are usually the same. And when he loses the patient, the doctor thinks he tried his best, because anyways against this "disease" there isn't anything else he can do more.

It's not just the doctor who knows no better. The patients, the population at large - know no better. Which is why they run to these medical practitioners and facilities in the first place.

Actually it should be the very LAST place to go for someone with the symptom of cancer.

Unfortunately this incorrect mode of thought runs deeply ingrained in most people. Most remain ignorant of the real truth because the medical establishment continues to push this fallacy - purposely - to push their hidden agenda, namely, of making money by pushing drugs, surgery and radiation. These 3 modes of "treatment", plus the fact that hospital beds can thus be occupied, make for a great system of squeezing the last dollar out of the sick, dying person.

Any method that comes along that can claim better results, especially if it promises to be a cheaper way to go, if not more humane and much more effective, will be branded taboo and the forces of this mafia will come down hard on he who dares buck the system.

Do you ever hear the advertisements for these oncology facilities? "Oh, our facility is kinder and gentler to the 'victim', and we know so much about how to do it, and we've been at this for so much longer that we've perfected it, and we have instruments of precision better than any other facility, yak yak yak ...." It's outright shameful! They commit this disaster upon elders and children alike.

Chemotherapy is the delivery of poisons into the body, as if there weren't enough of that already. It's what caused cancer in the first place. Radiation burns the body. Surgery mutilates it. At best the symptom passes away for a short time, but because the underlying cause hasn't been dealt with, it is bound to return. Plus there is also the not insignificant aspect of secondary side-effects of these methods which make the poor patient feel all that much worse in his final days.

That these methods ultimately end up killing patients also serves the industry very well. They can then therefore attach dread, fear and "poor prognosis" to this so-called "disease". They can also therefore make the patient feel he must act quickly, without much thought, as if time is the most urgent matter to consider. The time between diagnosis of the dreaded "disease" and the application of a "treatment protocol" is a very short period, therefore, which, of course, plays right into the hands of this evil quackery.

Little to people realize the cancer symptom is nothing more than many years of poor nutrition or accumulative toxicity, and because they do NOT know this, they also do not know that there is a CURE, and nothing less than a full cure, if only they knew where to look.

Here's an example of someone who knew better!

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