Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Unfolding Process of Redemption

The last Israel-Hezbollah war years ago honed the Lebanese enemy's military skills and therefore, because they also had resupplied their armaments and potential reach ten-fold, they posed a formidable threat at Israel's Northern front.

But because Israel has divine providence that guards her, that threat had to effectively be eliminated. So it now happens that Hezbollah turn its back on Israel, to train its sights on the "Syrian Rebels". In their effort to support dictator Assad, the Hezbollah terrorists are emptying out of their cavernous bunkers in Lebanon and spilling over into Syria.

How does Hashem's divine providence manifest in mundane affairs to cause this about-face? Syria had been a direct supplier of Hezbollah as well as a territorial conduit for military influx from Iran. Now that the "Syrian Rebels" posed a serious threat - to cut off this vital flow across the Lebanon-Syria border, Hezbollah was forced into action for "self-preservation".

These Iranian-backed henchmen now have their hands full fighting a war against Al-Queida. The latter are not yet as well organized or as strong as the Lebanese contingent but soon enough too, with backing from their coreligionists, will prove to be a formidable force, especially because their troops will have greater numbers.

We spoke earlier (here and here) of this feature, where we just "sit back and watch as the enemies go at each others' throats". We have as a model the exodus from Egypt in the year 2448, the epitome of Jewish Redemption, to compare with to anticipate parallel events. Just as back then kin fought kin, while Jews remained spectators, the same is happening now too, as we progress quickly into this Era of the Final and Ultimate Redemption of the Jewish people.

This is a great miracle we must be thankful for. Just as when this first happened in Egypt, Jews were making ready their preparations to leave exile, we too should be preparing in earnest to enter the divine utopia that awaits every Jew - just around the corner.


  1. "dictator Hussein"
    Who? Where?

  2. Glad you catch me on these mistakes.

    Bashar al-Assad.

    You expect me to remember these characters' names, do you?