Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Reform Rabbi and the Angry Child

A "Reform Judaism" site in Westchester removed many of my comments I had posted on their blog, this even after once acknowledging I had made a "powerful" point. Deletion is a sure-fire way to save face with their clientele. After all, any rational Reformist seeing my comments would immediately sense the absurd knots Reformist jargon ties itself into as it tries to maintain a bond with Jewish heritage.

My words never bore a tinge of malice. The contrary is true because I know most Reform Jews have been "abducted" since infancy by a non-Torah culture. Besides, I meant to educate the Jews among them and only by being friendly can this be accomplished.

The site posted an article by a Reform "rabbi" who claimed to being "half-Jewish". He used this term almost a dozen times. In his article he also uses another phrase - very common on Reform sites, namely - "Our Jewish tradition".

I pointed out to him that Reform Judaism has no tradition, not longer than 3 or 4 generations at the most. By that time, the Jewish familial ties to our Jewish ancestry have been wiped away. Whereas orthodox Judaism is rooted in a geneology of 3.5 millennia, propagated since Jacob our forefather, Reform Jews of today are in no way ancestors of earlier generations of Reform Jewry, for this deviant fringe invariably self-extinguishes. (A chart that illustrates this empirical fact can be seen here.)

And although this "rabbi" confidently invokes "our Jewish tradition", I pointed out that being "half-Jewish" cannot be relegated to that same Jewish tradition - because in that tradition - there is no such thing as a "half-Jew"! If the mother was Jewish, she gave birth to a Jew, a full-fledged Jew; And if she was Gentile, then she gave birth to an entirely complete Gentile, even if the father was Jewish.

The "rabbi" mentioned how sad he was to find that his half-Jewish friends felt no pride for being Jewish. Imagine how much less pride a Reformist would feel in the next generation, he now being only "one-quarter Jewish".

For Reformists to acknowledge Torah law, as by acknowledging the mother's religion determines that of her child's, would undermine their raison d'etre, which is to deviate from Torah. In their own interests, for the sake of self-preservation, for at least one more generation anyhow, they have no real choice but to delete my commentary. To let it stand would mean to allow a challenge go unanswered, for all their clienete to see. Don't forget that intermarriage among Reform Jews runs rampant - especially among their "rabbis".

Reform Jews, especially their "rabbis", unlike Torah-true Jews who have a God-given absolute authority to rely on, act like angry babies when it comes to defending themselves. When truth rubs them the wrong way, they just lash out by censoring you. After all, for them to provide sound reasoning, in tying Torah to their way of life, would involve miraculous verbal contortions.

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