Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Syrians Slaughtered

Bashar Assad's security forces have now killed over 4,000 Syrians; In Homs more than 1,200; In Daraa more than 700; In Idlib more than 500; And about 500 in Chama.

A voice from the Syrian opposition groups said that in the 7 months of uprising against the government, about 4,000 civilians have been killed across the country - and not 3,000 as claimed by U.N. organizations.

This message was given over by Rachel Lipkin, assigned to an Arabic listening channel of Voice of Israel.

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  1. I thought the world said 'never again?' But slaughtering people and burying them in mass graves is the state of the affairs of the world. Our 'civilized' Western leaders are pathetic, how can they ignore people begging(Syrians and Iranians) for international help to stop their leaders from murdering them in the streets or dragging their sons off into the night?