Monday, May 23, 2011

Jeremiah 16, 19-20
Last Turn Before the Home Stretch

This Shabbat we read in the Haftara:

Regarding the Era of Redemption soon to dawn, the prophet Jeremiah foretold that Gentiles will then, "... come to You from the edges of earth, saying, 'Our forefathers bequeathed to us nothing but a lie, a vanity with no benefit.'" (16, 19) That is to say, the eventuality will be that Gentiles around the world will realize that the Jews' G-d is the One, True and Only G-d, and they will admit that the gods and idols they've been taught to believe in are just fictitious dribble.

Next verse: These Gentiles will at that time confess, "Should man make for himself a god, when they themselves are not gods?" That is to say, they will then realize how foolishly they behaved, how inappropriate it was that man would make for himself a god; For if they are not gods, how could they outdo themselves by making for themselves a god higher than what they are?

We're not there yet. We have yet to see a sea of Gentiles confess their foolishness. If anything, they're still pushing ahead stubbornly with their false beliefs and mean missionary agenda. But it has to happen soon, please G-d!


  1. Thank you!
    After being reprimanded by an interfaith organization for strongly encouraging a counter-missionary speaker to speak about the prohibition against goyim to invent for themselves a false religion regarding the G-D of Israel, I was enheartened by your article.
    You cannot 'interfaith'. The Torah prohibits it. The goyim are forbidden to invent for themselves a false religion involving the G-D of Israel, and the Torah. They are required to cease from their practice of idolatry first. Then come to the Rabbis for knowledge. Much of antisemitism comes from these poorly educated ministers mistranslating the Torah.
    This 'grafting' bit is also prohibited in the Torah. They do not get our birthright and our blessing for practicing idolatry and for teaching it to our venerable youth, elderly, and those who have not learned Torah correctly. This is not a just punishment for not learning Torah; to be converted to idolatry.
    They are so quick to sentence us Jews to the hell that they invented for not wanting to pray to their dead man, or ghost, or zombie. Whatever it is.
    Israel is rising; and like a tub turned over that is righting itself. The correct order of things is being re-established in the world.
    The goyim attach our Torah to their book of lies and then declare that it is irrelevant; and they are the ones who know how to please Hashem. Instead of us, Hashems' obedient children.
    But the Torah is about Holiness. About Hashems' opinion on what pleases him.
    Maybe it is because they eat so much treif food. It causes spiritual set-backs. Maybe if kosher was more accessable, they would begin to see a little. Maybe if we could just begin to restrict the pig-eating a little? I don't know.
    The contrast is amazing between Bibi Netanyahu; the statesman, and Obama. You could not confuse the two, they are so different. And here we see the difference between Esav and Yaakov. Of Israel and the goyim. The difference between holiness and religion.

  2. Sarah, why "interfaith" in the first place? Doing so automatically legitimizes their side, because it suggests they have at least something to offer. That is, even if you are right at the end of the debate, the fact that you come to debate - in itself, says that maybe they can convince you of something legitimate on their side. They have virtually nothing to present that's valid, so why bother? Tell them to look into the 7 Noahide Laws and steer clear of them thereafter, because rubbing shoulders with them can only get yourself soiled.

    Your point about Esav and Yaakov nails it.

  3. It's true, I always wondered why Jews [rabbis] attend these interfaith gatherings... but if they didn't go, they would be accused of extremism, "anti-christian" behaviour. But in Australia at least, the Christians are very helpful as friends in high places, and Jews/Muslims/Christians try to get along publicly at all times.

    I guess we're damned if we do, and damned if we don't.