Thursday, February 03, 2011

Keen Insight into a Marxist Movement
by Michael Savage

A very interesting hypothesis has been put forward by the eminent Michael Savage of the Savage Nation Radio Show. He says, this protest in Egypt (and elsewhere in the Mideast) was anything but "spontaneous", as the media would have you believe. Rather, it was years in the making!

His idea is that the despotic movement that Hussein O. represents wants turmoil in Egypt to create a crisis from which money can be made by his backers, like Soros. Turmoil in the Middle East is a perfect situation for these conspirators.

(We saw how Hussein O. came out in support of the Moslem Brotherhood; We read that Ayers and others of his Marxist friends had been to Egypt earlier; We read how someone in his cabinet met with this terrorist organization in Washington; We note how the high echelon of Mubarak's military were here while the protests were going on, teased into staying in the U.S. an extra day or two, while behind their backs protests were being encouraged, so army intervention to help Mubarak could be harnessed. We note how antagonistic Hussein O. is to the stabilizing force that Israel is.)

You can read the article here.

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