Monday, March 01, 2010

The Wonders of Hashem

The very largest creature we know of is the Blue Whale. Surprisingly, it's a mammal. It milks its 2,000 lb. newborns, and has 10 tons of warm blood. It's 100 feet long. The size of its heart is the size of an American compact car. It's more than 10 times as heavy as a large elephant, some 200 tons (400,000 lbs)! Its tongue weighs more than an elephant. It can swim at 23 miles an hour and can dive up to a thousand feet in depth.

How do they feed? I don't know. Except that it feeds on Krill, a tiny fish about the size of your pinky (see side photo).

But to see the incredible way the Humpback Whale "bubble-feeds", see this short video from a previous post.

By the way, this latter video I searched for and found only after a Friday-night guest of mine told me about it. He was a diver in the Israeli Army and afterwards got a job fixing optic fiber cables of the internet - on the ocean floor! He said he never was religious until he saw how puny he was in the face of the awesome phenomena he experienced far beneath the sea's surface. Then he told us about the feeding behavior of the Humpback Whales which he witnessed for himself - from his vantage point near the seabed. He also made the point that the majority of this earth is BELOW water and so we hardly even know 5% of what's really existent in nature.

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