Thursday, January 21, 2010

Forced Vaccinations - Gestapo Style

More on Vaccinations
by Charlotte Gerson
Our friends and readers will most probably remember a story we wrote up in our Newsletter, Vol 23, No. 1, Jan./Feb. 2008, reporting on the forced vaccination of kids in Maryland. In that case, armed police and attack dogs were used to intimidate parents in the effort to force them to have their kids vaccinated! Actually, there is no law that can be used, and the coercion mirrors Gestapo tactics!

The story was terrible to read but now additional details are coming out! The Maryland State’s Attorney, Glen Ivey, JD, refused to vaccinate his own children with the same vaccines he compelled thousands of children to endure on November 17, 2007. (Find all the material on the Internet under “Forced Vaccination: State’s Attorney Doesn’t Vaccinate his Own Kids, Just Ours!” Nov. 26, 2007.)

Parents were threatened with jail time and fines. It gets worse: Many of the children vaccinated in this roundup were already fully vaccinated; but the Prince George’s County School System admitted they had lost their records! This meant that because the school had been negligent with their records, the children were being subjected to double doses of the poisonous mercury preservative, thimerosal. Parents who had signed the legal exemption from vaccinations had the documents literally brushed aside, and were forced to have their children vaccinated anyway. When the parents and children reported to the school gym where the vaccinations would be given, they were ushered into a space surrounded by heavily armed SWAT teams accompanied by canine units.

There is an even uglier aspect to this story: Prince George’s County School District is mostly black. The district would lose $63.00 per child if they refuse to admit unvaccinated kids to the school! If 2,300 kids per day are not admitted to school, the state would lose $144,000 in State and Federal revenue! So they force them with snarling dogs and guns.
You can read the rest here, in her sample newsletter, on page 5.

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