Friday, December 25, 2009

Up Syndrome

Most people have no idea Down's Syndrome children are so very special children, the light of the household. Here's a really fine woman (introduced by a wonderful guy) who does understand. Kudos to the Palin family and to Glenn Beck. May they all enjoy ever more success.

The trisomy 21 syndrome, described by Dr. J. L. Down, ought better to be called "Up Syndrome".


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and no, I was not felling down about Ricki, I was just trying to be humorous.
    I have nothing per se against Sarah Palin, but I wish that people would stop viewing her as the big spokesman for the Down syndrome community. When she says things like: "this world to be a more welcoming place for all innocent people, all special needs children. I am going to keep pursuing that in our country until we are a more tolerant, compassionate, welcoming place for the innocents.", I am flabergasted. Yes, the world needs to be more accepting of people who are different. But please don't lump all special needs individuals into a group of "innocent", "so loving", or "always happy", because , I hate to break the news, but that is a STEREOTYPE.

  2. You're right of course. I only am glad that Palin is open and caring about her DS child, if for nothing else - because it encourages the public to do the same, as opposed to keeping the child cooped up and out of public view and public interaction - G-d forbid.

    The more people see a humane approach to these special, yet vulnerable, children, the less people will do them harm, G-d forbid.