Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Breakthrough for Multiple Sclerosis

Here's hopeful news for MS sufferers from Dr. Paolo Zamboni in Italy. Chances are the "Pharma clique" may thwart its application as long as they can, for while diminishing its significance they can continue to ply their toxic, worthless - but expensive - drugs. While they're at it, they'll also push their baseless "auto-immune" etiology.
NEWS UPDATE:  Here's a story by Dr. Rowen about a MS patient diagnosed 10 years ago, and how an almost miraculous cure by a Dr. Robson via orthotics helped her breath better, which led to better oxygen saturation of her blood and relief of debilitations. And all he did was - correct her posture! 

In light of Dr. Paolo Zamboni's above findings, it's more than likely - and this is my guess - this lady's cranial venous return was compromised, either from poor posture or asymmetric muscular tension, which then caused blood to back up in the brain chronically. But one thing is for sure - the pathologic immunological causation of MS can be eliminated.

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  1. I hope this leads to better overall treatment for MS patients, who do not have many good options presently.

    This may be part of the puzzle, but I doubt it is the whole picture. One question is why are these blockages there to begin with? What caused them?

    Why do MS patients respond to Low Dose Naltrexone, when it does not address this particular problem?

    There is even an occasional reversal of symptoms using LDN.

    Others improve using Low Dose Antibiotics, again no connection to the blood flow

    MS also has a very distinct geographic region it occurs in. That does not jive with a blockage, unless the cause of the blockage is a regional one.

    I think an examination of the blockage material may yield more answers.

    There is likely more to be learned, and maybe now it will be learned faster.

    It is nice that some people are really trying to find the cause of MS. These independent researchers are going to be the ones who make the difference.