Monday, August 24, 2009

Socialized Medicine - The Witch Doctors' Prescription

The medical fiasco Obuma wants to bring upon America may find dissidents among many doctors in the field, but make no mistake, the big medical organizations, such as the AMA and the NCI, will, in the end, support his proposal because - they are in cahoots with those that initiated it, using Obuma as their pawn. The doctors are but mice, no match against the rats that run the organizations that profess to represent them. These organizations front for the New World Order, a few men who own most of the world's money and who harbor totalitarian aspirations. (They have everything else!)

Socialized care in their view means more control over personal freedom. This one step would enhance their schemes considerably. They will have more sway over who will live and who will die. It will remove the humanizing aspect of medicine once and for all. More death and more disease is just the way they want it. The more enfeebled the population, the easier they can manipulate world events and force peoples and nations into submission.

With these plotters at the helm now for some 60 years, it's no surprise there is more sickness than ever before. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and doctor-induced illnesses are well on the rise. And now that alternative medicine is making a comeback, which clearly affects cash flow into their pharmaceutical coffers, they want the control clamped tighter than ever.

They've already connived to put fluorine into much of our drinking water; Connived to remove cheap, non-patentable, alternative medical remedies from distribution and practice; Connived to suppress publication of non-patentable treatments, and even removed them from published archives. They connived to run traditional family-owned-farms out of existence, with most of the crops now grown by mass production techniques that lack nutritional protocol, and worse, have pesticidal management. They connived to brainwash medical education to pimp for the drug companies.

So this Obuma move is much to their liking. It will bolster their control of the human populace while at the same time further decimate their competition.

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