Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The C F R : The Seed of an Evil Empire

Visit Foreign Affairs dot org and see for yourself how this evil Council plans to undermine America and destroy Israel. Just look at their publication's headlines and read between the lines; You'll immediately sense their agenda. They present their material as "history" or "analysis" - but behind this pretentious verbosity lies camouflaged an intent to, first destroy Israel and, later, swallow up America into its global ambitions.

They espouse an intellectual air but the liberal jargon is hard to miss.

Take, for example, the Nov/Dec 2006 issue; Under the section Fallout From Lebanon, the headlines alone belie their intentions! Let's read what the headlines tell us:

We've got to reconfigure the Middle East into a new structure (thus "The New Middle East"). We'll do it by using Lebanon as the new linchpin for the purpose (thus "The Future of Lebanon") and thereby punish Israel. Israel deserves it because of their overreaction to a mere kidnapping and their aggressive war response as a mad rush "blind into Lebanon". To help with the matter at hand, we could use some help from next-door Syria, thus "The Syrian Solution". Syria - don't just sit there "Doing Nothing". It's time you take action. The article's subtitle removes much of my conjecture; It reads "Syria wants to be part of the answer, not just the problem". With a little arm-twisting, they'll be able to get that creep Asshead to join in their war against Israel. These guys have high hopes because the next article is entitled, "From Conflict Management to Conflict Resolution". In other words, to cut all their verbal trash to the bone, it means, "First we use our fists, and once the dust settles, we'll come in for a new restructuring", to expand their goals. How so? The writing's on the wall. They'll promote a more liberal attitude to undermine America - to force it to be just another pawn-nation meant to toe the liberal line. This article's subtitle says, "Don't just focus on the fighting, tackle the broader Arab-Israeli conflict." By pandering to Arab interests worldwide, because they're all over the place already, they'll emasculate superpower America into a Brokeback Mountain, eventually to forge a large block of pawn nations subservient to a self-elected imperial force - them and them alone.

Make no mistake; G-d runs the world; Men, even excessively rich men, may think they're making headway, when the only sure destination they're headed to, in their efforts to erase Israel and defy her G-d, is into an abyss. The present travail of Jews is nothing less than the short-term birth pangs of the era of redemption.

Why the pain? To draw Jews out of their secular stupor, to get them to realize that Moshiach is within their reach ; They need only believe this and HAPPILY come back into the warm fold of Torah Judaism to bring on the final redemption.

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