Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More on the Universal Medical Conspiracy by the Wicked

The more I get to understand where conventional medicine stands on various remedial issues, the more evident it becomes that a malicious core of extremely wealthy individuals lust for power and are trashing the world as they manipulate it for their sinister power grab.

The subject I'm reading about now is VACCINATIONs.

I always thought there really was a victory against the epidemic of smallpox by way of vaccinating with cowpox. That's because that's what standard medical "textbooks" taught. In a few words, about Jenner and the pretty faces of cow milkers who never developed smallpox, we are told that vaccinations are a medical breakthrough that saved so much of humanity. But if you actually go into the literature about those historical times and the discoveries, you find a completely different story - the same story that is being replayed over and over again to shut the mouths of keen scientists that contest the chemical/pharmaceutical's design for profits. These scientists have their article in periodicals yanked out, served with endless court procedures, thrown in jail, etc.

It's frightening. They want to dumb down the masses. With the Media under their control, they report the "great findings" as they want the masses to see it. It's that's simple. And it's extremely effective because the masses generally trust the media, if for nothing else, because they simply can't question and research for themselves all there is they're exposed to.

With their trillions of dollars, the dumb-down process is so easy. Imagine, for example, they want to block "ISSUE X". Here's one way they could easily go: Take out millions of dollars of ads on Google. Then tell Google, after having whet Google's appetite for more ad revenue, they will withold all further ads, by all the companies they own (and they own all the big ones, you can be sure), unless Google blocks results on all "Issue X" searches, or simply redirects the main results to pool around bogey links, decoy links - planted by these nefarious plotters, where the Issue X is called "Quackery". Do you think the likes of Google will not oblige? If you think not, you're naive.

Read this account on the history of vaccinations:

It turns out, not only are vaccines ineffective, they're outright dangerous! The purported "immuniization" is, in fact, an inoculation of potentially harmful agents. They distract sharp eyes of critique by, among other ways, massaging and obfuscating the statistics.

It is SO outrageous, that normal people, who behave normally, cannot fathom that others can be such villians, on so large a scale. WE must be crazy if we can dream up such an illusion to be taking place, naive people will say. But it IS a feudal system these villians want the world to revert to. Their control will no doubt be from the loathsome U.N.

They've now got their stooge in The White House, another freak in Iran, one in Venezuela, one in N. Korea, another several in Arabia, and, as far as this core thinks, it's now winding down real fast. The dollar will soon enough be worthless, the world economy in chaos, and then will begin the screw-tightening to socialize the globe.

If you don't believe this scenario, keep drinking the flouride these nice people are dumping in your drinking water.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Serenity in G-d's Beauty

Summer in the Catskills - On a fresh morning.
A beautiful waterfall; And lilac trees - their
fragrance intoxicates.