Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Fool in the Making

If you want to clearly understand what the Facebook fiasco is all about, watch this insightful video. Do not forget we have a "community organizer" and Fascist mole running the White House.

(If Zuckerberg did not care to break his link with the Jewish people - that's his real fiasco - because all children he'd have with his Gentile wife will not be Jewish, he would care even less to break links with traditional capitalism and provide the government the reins it wants to control much of his enterprise. Money-wealth often chases a fool.)


  1. I think he was used and dumped on by the big "O", that it was a part of the strategy to bring down Z's business (remember he's a Jew) so the toft can step in rescue and control, and use for nefarious purposes. Glenn Beck explains it quite well.

  2. Please excuse my auto spell (iPad), that should read govt and not 'toft'. (what a crazy substitution)