Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Sigh from a Nature Lover, and that of Wild Horses

This mystic, 5-min. video clip made me yearn for Moshiach. Note the horses, with their transcendental senses, that show up.

It's less meritable to yearn for Moshiach from a distraught perspective, when it should come from a cheerful disposition. Still, seeing such relentless, uncaring destruction of nature, further distancing our intimate relationship with the earth - just look at the foods they sell us in supermarkets and what they do to it or put into it - reflects a sad state of affairs.

What's happening in England, as they fell their oak trees, is bad enough. The Moslem invasion just clinches her destruction.

Here too, in America: The small farmer is being squeezed out; Nutrition is harder to come by; Pure water must be purchased at a premium; The land, with artificial fertilizers, has lost its essential minerals and vitamins; We're eating chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and hormones; The medical establishment has become a cult of drug-pushers; Food advertising perverts the term "natural"; Allergies and degenerative disease is so common; … and, if that's not enough, here too the Muslim invasion has begun in earnest.

We want Moshiach - now!!

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