Truth of Torah

Rabbi, Professor Lawrence Keleman, using simple, empirical logic and academic objectivity, demonstrates the authenticity of Torah. This could be the best lecture on the subject you've ever heard. It runs under 1 hr., 15 min.

This link is to the lecture.

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It pains pious Jews their reformist counterparts know so little of the holy book they think they know so much about, first and foremost, because they attribute its authorship to unknown redactors or editors, instead of recognizing the divinity of Torah.

Here's a short lecture by rabbi and professor Joshua Berman where he shows how redactor theory reflected sociological factors, as well as the Gentile's psychological need to see Torah as artificial. (Reformists, after all, see nothing paltry in assuming Gentile "scholars" could comprehend the Talmud and Torah as did our sages; So much so, in fact, Gentiles are usually whom reformists run first to for their information, probably because they see Torah as superficially as do the Gentiles, whereas to understand the sea of Talmud requires years in indulgence and some degree of humility.)

This link is to the lecture.


Here's this rabbi's story of
"coming home" --
having gone from

Imagine, he embarked on this change in his 70's!