Gentile Journeys

Truth-Seeking Gentiles:

- A very sad story:

- Here's the sad ending: Link

Pastor Parisi's Journey to Judaism.
50-min. Video

Interview with x-Messianic pastor Paul Tan.
Link (20 min.)

A Minister's Journey to Judaism.
1.5-hour Video

To reach the truth, this young man dug and dug behind all the distortion and falsehoods.
10-min. Video on Isaiah 53.

Here's a remarkable story of a remarkable lady.
A 45-minute speech.

Here's a story of an Arab who turned Jewish:
See story here.

The Black Jew from Swaziland (story here):

A former Evangelical christian pastor leaves it all behind to cling to Torah Judaism.

Why a Minister Chose Judaism - A "Born Again" Christian Born Again As a Jew - Yehuda Tebbitt
(Very moving, especially near the end.)


Christian man from Texas converts to Judaism

Christian youth pastor converts to Orthodox Judaism

Former Christian explains why he converted to Judaism Part 1
(This will pull on your emotional strings.)
(LINK 1)
(LINK 2)  (Here he lectures more about what is written elsewhere on this blog, here.)